Our agile business model will get you to the finish line.
Our agile business model will get you to the finish line.
The economy is improving and more people are purchasing automobiles. We do significant due diligence on our dealer's finance companies to ensure they have a strong balance sheet, significantly low default rates, and a strong valuation on their current portfolio.

Private debt offers an attractive risk adjusted return (alpha) in tough times. The private auto debt market has a long history of delivering a higher rate of return than other alternatives. The alpha from the private auto finance market comes from a combination of three identifiable and measureable sources: higher interest rates, low loan default rates and an active relationship based on investment management.

The key to success in the private auto finance market is active-relationship-based investment management with the dealers. Braeger Finance's auto finance market managers maintain direct contact with borrowers from the inception of the investment until it is fully repaid. This significantly reduces risk due to greater control over the structuring, management, and administration of the investments.

Braeger Finance works very closely with the independent used car dealers and performs a thorough analysis of their existing loan portfolio. Braeger Finance ensures that the finance notes we provide to accredited investors are backed by the dealers' current loan portfolio that could be sold to financial institutions in order to meet the note obligations to our accredited investors.

In conclusion, the opportunity that we offer to accredited investors is a sustainable and simple source of meaningful yield advantage over many other fixed income alternatives.
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