Braeger Finance is driven to deliver superior returns on your investments. We believe the best way to enhance investment returns is through a value-added operating strategy with acceptable levels of measured risk.

Thanks to the expertise and vast networking of David O. Braeger (CEO), we are able to identify and acquire high quality auto finance related investments, first by helping to maximize an independent auto dealer's credit facility and second, through the purchase and sale of auto paper on the secondary market.

Our management team, including Gary Bakker (COO), is ready to respond quickly and decisively to new investment opportunities, giving our clients confidence that their investment is in a position to prosper.


Braeger Finance is committed to strong client services, comprehensive reporting, and a personalized approach to investor relations. Our goal is to keep investors informed while minimizing the time and effort required to grow their wealth.

Our management team is accessible and available to consult with clients. We also provide accurate and timely tax reporting information on our investments, making our working relationship completely transparent.


Accredited investors such as institutions, trusts, and high-net-worth individuals need options to balance the unpredictable performance of the stock market and other investment vehicles. Braeger Finance's investments can diversify a portfolio, preserve capital and achieve attractive returns in relation to risk. Because loans to independent auto dealers do not correlate with movements in the stock and bond markets, auto dealer finance renewable notes can help stabilize a diversified asset allocation plan.

Recognizing that not all investors are alike, we offer investment options to meet a wide range of needs. Our offerings are available to accredited investors only. Please contact us to receive a free no-obligation packet of information.
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